This is a straightforward level with some clouded areas.


  1. Merge the two Tanzanite Plains Grass with the one at the upper right. Activate the heal extender.
  2. Merge two Fruit Tree Saplings with the one on dead land near the middle.
  3. Merge 3 Sprouting Prism Flowers, placing the 3rd on the land just cleared, to create a 3-way combo merge. Activate the heal extender.
  4. Use the Golem Dragon Egg to unlock the large area of clouds on this island.
  5. Merge the Golem Egg with two others on dead land just to the left of the split in the island.
  6. Tap out the nest of Golem Dragon Eggs and merge, in 5s if possible.
  7. Merge the Young Fruit Tree with two others at the upper right, then merge with two Small Fruit Trees on dead land (on a space that starts with a Life Flower on it).
  8. Merge the Fruit Tree with two others above it.
  9. Activate some life orbs to heal the Petrified Zomblins at the lower left, and move them somewhere so you can merge all 5 at once.
  10. Merge the two Fresh Graves with one at top middle.
  11. Use Corwin's Tomb to open the clouded area at top right.
  12. Activate more Life Orbs to heal most of the land at the left. At a minimum heal one Fresh Stones or Moss Covered Stone.
  13. Harvest the Fresh Stones for a Moss Covered Stone.
  14. Harvest the Moss Covered Stone for a Stone Brick.
  15. Merge the Stone Brick with two others.
  16. Merge the Stone Bricks with two others.
  17. Merge the Pile of Stone Bricks with two others.
  18. Merge a Moss Covered Stone with two others on land that may still be dead.
  19. Merge the Living Stone with two others.
  20. Merge the three Grass Tufts.
  21. Merge the Lawn Grass with two others.
  22. Merge the Great Grass with two others.
  23. Merge the Marsh Grass with two others.
  24. Activate life orbs to heal the Large Moss Stone at the upper left.
  25. Merge three Large Moss Stones and activate the heal extender.
  26. Merge the statues to win.
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