This is a straightforward level.


  1. Merge 5 Crimson Dragon Eggs.
  2. Harvest all the Dirt and brambles available at the start, and blow up the rocks.
  3. Merge Life Flower Sprouts to make Life Flowers, harvest Life Essence.
  4. Merge the essences once into Tiny Life Orbs and use them to heal nearby land. Harvest from the items on this land. If you don't already have three Fruit Tree Seeds, harvest from Skulls until you get them. Let the seeds grow. [It's possible you don't get enough of these. If so, you can heal a Young Fruit Tree on land that is 10 points dead at the right of the top island later.]
  5. If the light-colored space with a Life Flower Sprout at the bottom of the top island isn't healed, move a Life Essence onto the land directly below it (which stats with a Sprouting Prism Flower) and activate to heal it.
  6. Harvest a Fresh Stones to make a Moss-Covered Stone, then merge it with the Moss-Covered Stones on the upper island. Activate the heal extender. This unlocks a healing goddess who will help you clear the upper land.
  7. Merge two Life Flower Sprouts with the one on dead land.
  8. Merge a Sprouting Prism Flower with four others and activate a second heal extender, which gives you a second goddess.
  9. Once the goddesses have healed both Demon Gates, move the goddesses into the lower island near the treasure chests on the corners. You need to unlock both of these and merge with the third chest for one of the goals.
  10. Destroy the Demon Gates.
  11. Merge a Living Stone with two others to the left of the top island.
  12. Merge a Prism Flower with two on dead land.
  13. Merge the chests and open the Nice Treasure Chest.
  14. Merge individual Stone Bricks to make two Stone Brickses, and merge these with one of the ones on dead land at the top.
  15. Merge three Fruit Tree Saplings. [Or heal the Young Fruit Tree at the right of the top island.]
  16. Merge the Young Fruit Tree with two others at the top.
  17. Merge the statues.
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