Golden Meadow ? is a straight forward level. Be careful not to merge all Prism Flower Buds at once. They tend to turn straight into Blossoming Prism Flowers. 10 Opening Prism Flowers are needed to unlock the Death Land to the left and the right.


  • Merge the Prism Flower Buds in bunches of 5 in order to produce 10 Opening Prism Flowers. (Goal #1)
  • Merge the Opening Prism Flowers.
  • Unlock the Super Dead Land to the left and the right with 2 Prism Flowers each.
  • Merge the Young Autumn Trees. (Tip: From left to right: Merge 5, 3, 5 ,9)
  • Merge the Bushy Autumn Trees.(Merge 5 then 3)
  • Merge the Mystical Autumn Trees. (Goal #2)
  • Unlock the cloud with the Pinkberry Autumn Tree.
  • Open the 4 Gargoyle Dragon nests.
  • Merge the Zomblins (merge 5 together four times, if a mistake is made wait for a statue to unpetrify). (Goal #3)
  • Destroy the Zomblins in order to create at least 8 Fresh Graves.
  • Merge the Fresh Graves (merge 5 and merge 3).
  • Create a Lost Soul's Grave.
  • Open the cloud with the Lost Soul's Grave.
  • Unlock the Super Dead Land with the 2 Blossoming Prism Flowers from the beginning.
  • With the 3 Life Tree Sprouts, found on the Super Dead Land, create a Life Tree Sapling. (End Goal)
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