Summary[edit | edit source]

This level can be found by tapping the large pink grass directly above Golden Meadow 13 on the map, after you win Golden Meadow 14.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Begin by merging mushroom caps with those on dead land at the right. Merge 5 in the bottom hole to create spotted mushrooms. Then merge 4 in the top right hole to create a spotted shroom and leave an extra mushroom cap. Use the remaining mushroom caps in a 5 merge to create 5 spotted shrooms in total. Use these to create the two hero mushrooms needed for goal #2.
  • Merge the hero mushrooms with the three on dead land at the top right to create two triple shrooms and then merge those with the one on dead land in the bottom middle, freeing up a fruit tree sapling in the process.
  • With the autumn leaves, merge the single leaf with any three on dead land, as merging with only two dead leaves will leave you unable to complete the level. Do this twice to free up two fruit tree leaves. Merge them with the one on dead land at the right, creating a fruit tree sapling and freeing up another autumn leaf with the heal extender.
  • Merge the five young fruit tree saplings on the top middle island and then merge the young fruit trees on the middle right island.
  • Merge the two small fruit trees on the top left island in a 5 merge, then a 3 merge with the resulting fruit trees. Tap the large fruit tree for a raspberry and merge on the bottom middle island.
  • Back to the autumn leaves - you should have enough left for two 3 way merges to create all the Lil' Autumn sprouts needed for a merge on the top left island.
  • Merge 3 autumn saplings together to complete Goal #1.
  • Open the noble chest for goal #3.
  • Finally, merge 3 giant life flowers to complete the level.

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