Golden Meadow 1 is a straight forward level.


  • Merge the three Grimm Seeds
  • Place the resultant Grimm Sapling on the cloud to the top right
  • Merge the the two Tribal eggs with the one right of center on dead land.
  • Merge the Life Flower Seeds (2 are on dead land at the bottom right) and then the Life Flower Sprouts to create a Life Flower. Use this to unlock the cloud at the bottom
  • Harvest the Giant Life Flower until you have two Small Life Orbs to merge with the one on dead land.
  • Use the resultant Life Orb to unlock the clouds on the bottom right.
  • Merge three Mushroom Caps to create a spotted mushroom
  • Merge three Spotted Shrooms with the one at the top left to create a Hero Mushroom (Goal 2 complete)
  • Use the Hero Mushroom to unlock the cloud on the top left
  • Use the Zomblin Brush to unlock the cloud at the top
  • Merge the three Small Fruit Trees
  • Tap the Fruit Tree for a grape and use to merge with the one on dead land. DO NOT collect this coin, you will need it later!
  • Merge the three Fruit Trees
  • Use the resultant Large Fruit Tree to merge with the two on dead land, the merge that with the two Nice Fruit Trees on super dead land.
  • Tap the Aged Fruit Tree for a pear and use to unlock the last piece of dead land
  • Merge the Giant Life Flowers to create two Life Tree Sprouts
  • Heal all land by tapping the orbs (Quest 3 complete)
  • Merge the Life Tree Sprouts into a Life Tree Sapling to finish the level
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