Golden Meadow 11 is a straight forward level. Do not merge the Autumn Leaves until the end. Cloud Shapes:


  • Merge 5 Dragon Tree Leaves
  • Merge 3 Dragon Tree Saplings
  • Merge 3 Sprouting Dragon Trees
  • Activate the Heal Extender
  • Use the Hero Mushroom to unlock the left cloud
  • Merge the Butterfly Dragon Eggs
  • Merge the Life Flower behind the flowers with the two on the upper island
  • Harvest Life Essence and merge in 5s to create a 
  • Heal the land on the starting island
  • Merge the Hero Mushrooms
  • Merge the Triple Shrooms
  • Use the Carnivorous Shroom to unlock the middle cloud
  • Merge the Fresh Stones
  • Use a Stone Brick to merge with the ones on dead land (Goal Star 1)
  • Merge the Stone Bricks
  • Merge 5 Butterfly Dragon Eggs (two were in the Loot bubble on the main island, three were under the cloud)
  • Merge 5 Magic Mushroom Caps
  • Merge 3 Magic Mushroom Clusters
  • Activate the Heal Extender
  • Unlock the last cloud with the Pear (quickly, before your dragons eat it)
  • Merge 5 Petrified Rotten Zomblins (Goal Star 2)
  • Merge 3 Fresh Graves
  • Activate the Heal Extender
  • Merge 5 Autumn Leafs
  • Merge 3 Lil'Autmn Sprouts (Goal Star 3)
  • Merge the Giant Life Flower with the two on dead land for the Life Tree Sapling
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