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The only tricky part is to keep the Midas Duck from harvesting the Raspberries. You don't have the chance to get more to replace them.


  1. Move the 2 Raspberries to free spaces on the top square island.
  2. Hatch only 1 Midas Duck and keep it away from the Raspberries (you'll need them for Goal #3).
  3. Harvest from Brambles until you can make a Blue Life Flower.
  4. Harvest from the Blue Life Flower and make Furious or Wondrous Life Orbs.
  5. Move the orbs to the top square island to activate until you Heal the Life Flower Sprout on the top far right island. You'll end up healing a lot of land but ignore that for now.
  6. Merge the Raspberries (Goal #3). Now you can Merge other objects.
  7. Hatch as many Midas Ducks as you want.
  8. Merge the Dragon Tree Saplings then the Sprouting Dragon Trees to make the Vermillion Dragon Tree.
  9. Harvest from the Vermillion Dragon Tree 4X (Goal #1).
  10. Merge each Elderwood Log with 2 on dead land to get 4 Elderwood Stacks.
  11. Merge Elderwood Stacks then the Elderwood Bundles to make the Tiny Cabin for Hedge Gnome.
  12. Tap the Tiny Cabin for Hedge Gnome for a Bush and tap that for a Magic Mushroom Caps.
  13. Merge with the 4 on the top square island (Goal #2).
  14. Merge the Hero Mushroom with the 2 on dead land at the bottom and activate all of the Heal Extenders.
  15. You can stop Merging and Healing if you want to or Merge and Heal everything until all land is healed and you can't Merge anything else other than the Life Tree Sprouts.
  16. Merge the Life Tree Sprouts for the win.
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