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Summary []

Lots of clouds on this level, unlock them with:

  • Life Essence
  • Opening Prism Flower
  • Fresh Grave
  • Dragon Tree Sapling
  • Brilliant Life Flower
  • Young Autumn Tree
  • Blossoming Prism Flower


  • Merge the Wood Dragon Eggs
  • Harvest from the Sprouting Prism Flower to get a Life Essence
  • Unlock the left clouds with the Life Essence
  • Merge the Autumn Leaves
  • Merge the Sprouting Prism Flower and then the Budding Prism Flower
  • Unlock the clouds on the right with the Opening Prism Flowers
  • Merge the Tanzanite Plains Grass
  • Merge the Ruby Plains Grass
  • Merge the Emerald Plans Grass
  • Merge the Petrified Rotten Zomblims and kill the emerging Zomblim
  • Use the Fresh Grave to unlock the middle cloud
  • Merge the Life Flowers
  • Merge the Blue Life Flowers
  • Merge the Lil' Autumn Sprouts
  • Merge the Glowing Life Flowers
  • Harvest from the Opening Prism Flowers to get more Dragon Tree Leaves
  • Merge the Dragon Tree Leaves to get a Dragon Tree Sapling
  • Unlock the top cloud with the Dragon Tree Sapling
  • Merge the Tiny Life Orbs
  • Merge the Twin Life Flowersmi
  • Use the Brilliant Life Flower to unlock the bottom cloud
  • Merge the Autumn Saplings 
  • Use the Young Autumn Tree to unlock the bottom middle cloud
  • Merge the Young Autumn Trees
  • Merge the Opening Prism Flowers
  • Merge another Dragon Tree Leaf with the ones on the island
  • Merge the Petrified Rotten Zomblims and kill the emerging Zomblim
  • Use the Life Orbs to heal the otther Petrified Rotten Zomblims, then merge them, and kill the emerging Zomblim (Goal Star 1)
  • Merge the Fresh Graves
  • Use the Corwin's Tomb to unlock the remaining clouds on the left
  • Merge the Bushy Autum Trees
  • Merge the Hero Mushrooms from the bottom island with the ones on dead land on the top island
  • Merge the Triple Shrooms on the left island
  • Merge the Mystical Autumn Trees
  • Merge the Carnivorous Shrooms
  • Merge the Opening Prism Flowers​​​
  • Use the Blossoming Prism Flower to unlock the remaining clouds on the right
  • Merge the Dragon Tree Saplings (Goal Star 3)
  • Activate the Heal Extenders
  • Merge the Ordinary Treasure Chests (Goal Star 2)
  • Merge the Brilliant Life Flower and the Twin Life Flowers for the Life Tree Sprout to win