Golden Meadow 3 is a straight forward level.

Cloud Keys:


  • Merge 5 Dragon Tree Seeds
  • Merge 3 Dragon Tree Saplings
  • Merge 3 Sprouting Dragon Trees
  • Merge 3 Young Dragon Trees
  • Merge 3 Vermilion Dragon Trees
  • Harvest from the Nice Dragon Tree (Goal #1)
  • Tap the nest of Tribal Dragon Eggs and merge the eggs
  • Merge Ruby Plains Grass
  • Merge Life Flowers
  • Merge Blue Life Flowers
  • Merge 2x3 Tanzanite Plains Grass
  • Merge the resulting Life Flower Sprouts
  • Merge Nice Dragon Trees
  • Merge 3 Sprouting Prism Flowers
  • Merge 3 Prism Flower Buds
  • Merge 5 Mushroom Caps
  • Merge Small Life Orbs
  • Unlock the cloud at the bottom with a Glowing Life Flower.
  • Merge the Mushroom Caps there
  • Merge 3 Spotted Shrooms
  • Merge the resulting Hero Mushroom with the 2 on Super Dead Land
  • Merge Elderwood
  • Merge Glowing Life Flowers
  • The resulting Twin Life Flower is the key for the second cloud at he top.
  • Merge Life Orbs
  • Merge Furious Life Orbs
  • Merge Opening Prism Flowers
  • Merge
  • Merge Blossoming Prism Flowers
  • Merge Strong Goddesses of Healing
  • Unlock the last cloud at the bottom with the resulting Greater Goddess of Healing
  • Merge Aged Dragon Trees with the one found on the last cloud
  • Merge Life Flower Sprouts
  • Merge Triple Shrooms
  • Burst a Wondrous Life Orb to heal the rest of the land
  • Finish by merging 3 Life Tree Sprouts
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