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Grass is a Merge Chain that can be started by getting Water. It is also linked to Prism Flowers because Grass Tufts die to become Necromancer Grass which can be harvested or merged for Prism Flower Seeds.

Level 2 and above Grass can be harvested for Living Stones. Higher level Grass can give better Treasure Chests. Dragon Chests harvested from Grass do not give more Grass, but Life Flowers. Dragon Chests harvested from Ensnared Virtue give Magic Coins instead.

How to Gain[]

Various low level Grass can be found as Level Rewards, uncommonly from Possessed Chests or spawned from Water. Level 7-10 Shadow Trees can be harvested for level 1-2 Grass.

One good source of Lawn Grass is Dread Marsh 3 and The Secret of Four Levels.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
- 1x1 Common Mysterious Seed Merge to grow something. 1 n/a n/a
1 1x1 Common Grass Tuft May die if left alone. 1 n/a ?
2 1x1 Common Lawn Grass Harvest for Fresh Stones. 2 n/a 2
3 1x1 Uncommon Great Grass Harvest for Fresh Stones. 4 n/a 5
4 1x1 Uncommon Marsh Grass Harvest for Fresh Stones. 8 n/a 10
5 1x1 Uncommon Tall Grass Harvest for Moss Covered Stones. 15 n/a 18
6 1x1 Rare Golden Wheatgrass Harvest for Moss Covered Stones. 30 30 36
7 1x1 Rare Dragon's Whisker Harvest for Moss Covered Stones. 50 75 90
8 1x1 Epic Radiant Grass Harvest for Moss Covered Stones. 150 135 162
Wonder 2x2 Legendary Ensnared Virtue The Sword that Slayed Bahamut. Wonder #3 of the Dragon World. 2,500 420 n/a