Grassy 4 (also known as Grasslands 4) is a fairly easy level. It is also the first Challenge level players encounter. The 3rd (and 2nd) Star was meant to introduce players to the Buy Menu in levels as a means to complete (Challenge) Levels easier with Gems. But are free for the first few uses.


Challenge Walkthrough

  1. Move the furthermost egg to the left 2 steps to the right. A dragon kid should be made.
  2. Merge 5 life flower buds (preferbaly by using the ones on dead land)
  3. double-tap a Lv2 life flower and immeadiately repeat once your dragon kid has finished harvesting for 1 life essence.
  4. While the dragon is harvesting on step 3, do the following if possible:
  5. Tap a Lv2 Small Life Orb, which should be enough to clear all land if you did Step 4 decently.
  6. Right away create a Restored Gaia Statue.
    Merge Dragons - Challenge 1 - Grassy 4

    Merge Dragons - Challenge 1 - Grassy 4


The 3rd star of this level is one of the most difficult ones to complete, but with proper strategies it is possible to complete it within only 25 seconds.

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