Gives Dragon Eggs! Can sometimes tap for something good!
~ Green Moon Starfish

Summary Edit

For the event version, refer to Starfishes.

Green Moon Starfish is a limited-time object that was available to collect as the 8th prize of the Earth Day Event

When first placed on Camp, it will make 4 Aqua Dragon Eggs if there is free space around to make.

It can initally tapped once for a Magic Coral that can be merged into a Life Coral. These both randomly give the same rewards but only one of the items will be given when tapped. The rewards they both can randomly give are: Sea Dragon Egg, Young Dragon Tree, Wondrous Life Orb, and a Great Life Orb.

Every 10 hours spent on camp, it can be tapped again for a Magic Coral.

How to Gain Edit

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