Grimshire 7 is a straightforward level

Walkthrough - Challenge levelEdit

  1. Merge the Emerald Plains Grass on the left with the two on the right to create a Life Flower Sprout.
  2. Merge the Life Flower Sprouts with the two on the middle section to create a Life Flower.
  3. Merge the Life Flower with the two on the left section to create a Blue Life Flower.
  4. Merge the Blue Life Flower with the two on the section at the very right to create Glowing Life Flower.
  5. Merge that Glowing Life Flower and the one in the left section with the locked one at the bottom of the middle section to create a Twin Life Flower, then activate the Heal Extender and unlock the Dragon Egg Nests.
  6. Tap Egg Nests and Merge Eggs for some Dragons.
  7. Harvest from the Twin Life Flower continuously.
  8. Merge to create a Small Life Orb.
  9. Merge the Small Life Orb with the other two Orbs on Dead Land on the section to the right.
  10. Release life orb to Heal statue.
  11. Harvest and Merge Small Life Orbs to Life Orbs. Release on left island to Heal statue.
  12. Repeat on middle island to Heal Leaves.
  13. Take all 4 Leaves (from left and center islands) and Merge 5 with Leaf on Super Dead Land on the top of the right section.
  14. Take both Fruit Tree Saplings and Merge with the one on the center island to clear the space in front of the statue.
  15. Move statues from left and right islands to merge with the statue on the center island.

Walkthrough: For Non-Time Bound Challenge -Additional Steps- Edit

  1. Tap/Harvest Bushes for Magic Shroom Caps
  2. Merge for 2 Magic Shroom Clusters.
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