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Originally written by CompanionCubeCutie

You finished all Levels and already have a ton of Stone Bricks and Magic, but you're still missing Dragon Gems and also you still need a lot more Dragon Power?

Dragon Gems[]

The best way to get Dragon Gems without buying them is to tap Dragon Stars, so we'll need to farm them in levels. As they appear randomly it's almost impossible to gain 3 Dragon Stars in one level, and thus you probably won't be able to merge them in a level. Luckily you can take them home to your Camp if they appear in a level by leaving them alone until you finish the level (you can also almost always tap the purple star once for a freebie gem prior to exiting the level). Your Dragon Star(s) will show up as a free reward when you collect your level rewards, and you'll need to select it by tapping before leaving the rewards screen. At your camp, you can then merge 3 (or even better: 5) of them to gain a Magnificent Dragon Star and tap it for about 5 Giant Dragon Gems, which you should definitely merge in 5s, as the level-3 gems only give exactly as many gems as 3 level-2 ones.

How to get the most profit from your stars:

From the moment the star appears, it is determined how many times you can tap it. So, don’t do it in the level as you can’t merge it there. Once in camp, you can keep the level rewards with the dragon star bubbled until you have 5, this way you won’t accidentally tap it. When you have 5, you unbubble them and place them close to each other, ready to be merged. The number of times dragon stars can be tapped is random. It varies between 1 and 3 times before they turn into the regular yellow stars. With the following trick you can find out how many times. Fly to the map, disconnect with the cloud and go back to your camp. Like this your actions won’t be saved. You can now safely tap your stars and count how many times you can do each one. Make sure to remember it! Then you fly back to the map, connect and RETRIEVE the previous save. Pay attention to not chose to keep playing! Now the game is reset to before you tapped your dragon stars, but you know how many times they can be tapped. If that was for example 3, you can tap it 2 times. Don’t merge them yet. Now you connect and chose to keep the current game. A Magnificent Dragon Star can be tapped 7-11 times for gems. Again, you can use the cloud to get as many as possible. Disconnect to the server, merge the dragon stars and start counting how many times you can tap them. If you want more taps, connect again and retrieve previous cloud save, disconnect and do it again. This only works if you merge your dragon stars after you disconnect to the server. Now you can merge the gems by 5’s.

Cosmos Dragon Eggs[]

Of course you can wait for Cosmos Dragons to randomly spawn from merged Sapphire Eggs, but you could also just play one level over and over, as you'll get Cosmos Dragon Eggs and Nests as Level Rewards if you finish it a certain number of times.

At first, you play a few times (usually three times) for a chest (often a Dangerous Chest). Then you play for a Cosmos Egg. When you have achieved the single egg, you play for a nest of Cosmos Eggs. A nest can contain as many as seven eggs, and no fewer than three eggs. When you have achieved the nest, the cycle starts again, sometimes with a different type of chest. Each time you complete the entire cycle of chest, single egg and then nest, the number of times you are required to play to gain the reward is increased. If you play the same level too many times, the chalice cost of gaining the reward and the time involved outweighs the actual reward itself, making the level only useful for Dragon Star farming.

Possible Rewards[]

Each level also lists "possible rewards". These are randomly offered to you for free in the level rewards

Example of possible rewards

when you complete the level, and include a Dragon Egg for a particular type of dragon. The egg is quite infrequently offered, and (as with all level rewards) you need to tick it to bring it back to camp.

This is distinct from eggs that are offered in the level rewards at the cost of gems. The "possible rewards" eggs do not need to be present at the end of the level, whereas eggs that can be bought in the level rewards are simply objects that were lying around when the level completed.

"Possible rewards" eggs are an added (and welcome) bonus for repeatedly playing a single level.


Obviously you're rewarded pretty well for finishing levels many times, but most of the levels take a huge amount of time and also require to plan your merges ahead to get all 3 star objectives. While most gem farming is done using Dread Marsh 3Zomblin Falls 1 and Skull Grove, there are many levels that have proven to be quite fitting for farming Dragon Stars and Cosmos Dragon Eggs.

Level Chalice Costs Rewards Completion Time Cons Pros
Grassy 2 1 Life Essence, Grass Dragon Egg, Life Flower Sprout 10 sec No Goal Stars Nice to farm Cosmos Dragon Eggs
The Outskirts 2 Tiny Life Orb, Dangerous Riches, Life Flower, Crimson Dragon Egg 15-20 sec Costs 2 chalices
The Outskirts 5 1 Tiny Life Orb, Life Flower Sprout,

Rock Dragon Egg

Silver Chest
Skull Grove 1 Dangerous Riches, Magic Coin - Bronze, Crimson Dragon Egg, Tiny Life Orb 40 sec Unlocked early. Easy and quick level.
Shore Grove 1 Topsoil, Grass Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree Sapling 1 min 45 sec Golden Chest
Secret: The Secret of Four 1 Fruit Tree SeedGrass Dragon Egg 1 min Gives coins instead of Dragon Stars therefore only useful for Cosmos eggs
Cliff Grove 2 Fruit Tree Seed, Crimson Dragon Eggs, Seed 45 sec Costs 2 chalices, takes >3min to get the last chest Golden Chest, Easy and fast level, as long as you're ok to finish it without healing the whole land (which isn't required for the stars)
Quarry 7 1 Bricks, Grass Dragon Egg, Fresh Stones 30 sec
Open Lands 1 Life Flower, Grass Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree Sapling 45 sec
Hilltop Bluffs 1 Fruit Tree Sprout, Rock Dragon Egg 6 min Silver Chest
Secret: The Crescent 1 Fruit Tree SaplingSharp Dragon Egg 3 min Gives Dangerous Riches instead of Dragon Stars therefore only useful for Cosmos eggs
Zomblin Falls 1 1 Magic Coin - Silver, Life Flower Sprout, Dragon Tree Sapling, Green Dragon Egg 12-15 sec Can also collect Magic Coins during the level
Fear Isle 1 1 Fruit Tree Seed, Green Dragon Egg, Fruit Tree Sprout 36-45 sec Occasionally impossible to get all three stars.
Fear Isle 4 1 Rock Dragon Egg, Fresh Stones 1 min 30 sec
Silent Bay 1 1 Fresh Stones, Green Dragon Egg, Bricks 1 min
Silent Bay 2 1 Life Flower, Green Dragon Egg, Bricks 2 min Golden Chest
Silent Bay 9 1 Elderwood, Spotted Dragon Egg 30 sec
Shroomia 2 1 Spotted Shroom, Spotted Dragon Egg, Rain Puddle 4 min 30 sec Golden Chest
Shroomia 6 1 Grass Tuft, Spotted Dragon Egg, Moss Covered Stone 2 min
Dread Marsh 3 1 Grass Tuft Spotted Dragon Egg Triple Shroom 6-10 sec Don't forget to collect the coins from the last star, as the level ends right after you complete the goal Really quick, also you get Silver Magic Coins as reward most of the time
Secret: The Secret Healer's Den 1 Grass TuftSpotted Dragon EggMoss Covered Stone 3 min
Summit 1 1 Topsoil, Crimson Dragon Egg, Hill 40-50 sec
Summit 2 1 Topsoil, Sharp Dragon Egg, Hill 50 sec Takes a little more time than the other ones, don't forget to tap one Silver Magic Coin for the last Goal Star Golden Chest, You can collect a few Magic Coins throughout the level
Secret: Summit Basin 1 Dragon Tree SaplingGrass Dragon EggDrake's Ridge 8 min Silver Chest
Boneyard Isles 1 Life Flower, Rock Dragon Egg, Shrub Sprout 5 min
Peace Isles 1 Magic Mushroom Cap, Sharp Dragon Egg, Fruit Tree Sapling 15 min Golden Chest
Secret: The Secret Isles 1 Young Fruit TreeGrass Dragon EggShrub Sprouts 5 min No stars Silver Chest
Secret: The Secret Garden 1 Life FlowerGolem Dragon EggDrake's Ridge 1 min No stars
Secret: Totem Grid 1 Rain PuddleGreen Dragon EggLawn Grass 10+ min Golden Chest
Secret: The Healer 1 TopsoilSharp Dragon EggDragon Tree Leaf 5 min Golden Chest
Drakeshire 9 1 Dragon Tree Sapling, Toadstool Dragon Egg, Budding Shrub 4 min Silver Chest
Fjord 7 1 Dragon Tree Sapling, Spotted Dragon Egg, Budding Shrub 1 min
Fjord 20 1 Life Flower, Spotted Dragon Egg, Nice Treasure Chest 3 min
Grimshire 1 1 Fledgling PuddleGolem Dragon EggBudding Shrub 2 min Silver Chest
Grimshire 2 1 Shrub Sprouts, Green Dragon Egg, Magic Mushroom Caps 6 min Golden Chest
Grimshire 3 1 Dragon Tree Sapling, Toadstool Dragon Egg, Budding Shrub 6 min
Grimshire 4 1 Dragon Tree Sapling, Rock Dragon Egg, Budding Shrub 6 min Silver Chest
Grimshire 5 1 Dragon Tree Seeds, Grass Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree Sapling 6 min Golden Chest
Grimshire 6 1 Dragon Tree Saplings, Grass Dragon Egg, Hill 5 min
Grimshire 7 1 Dragon Tree SeedsRoc EggDeathly Hollow Tree 6 min
Grimshire 8 1 Dragon Tree Seeds, Golem Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree Sapling 3 min Golden Chest
Maywood 1 1 Magic Shroom Stalk, Roc Dragon Egg, Budding Shrub 3 min
Maywood 4 1 Bones, Golem Dragon Egg, Life Orb 10 min Golden Chest
Maywood 10 1 Dragon Tree Seeds, Golem Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree Sapling 4 min
Maywood 17 1 Young Fruit Tree, Sharp Dragon Egg, Magic Shroom Stalk 50 sec Silver Chest
Craven Crypt 3 1 Magic Shroom Stalk, Golem Dragon Egg, Drake's Ridge Silver Chest
Craven Crypt 10 1 Triple Shroom, Toadstool Dragon Egg, Spooky Old Tree, 8 min