Summary Edit

Haven's End is a pretty straightforward level.

Walkthrough Edit

Challenge Walkthrough Edit

  1. Merge the 5 Crimson Dragon eggs.
  2. (optional) Move the Blue Life Flowers to the top/bottom 2 tiles of the level, then move the Life Flower to the opposite side.
  3. Right away double-tap one blue life flower and do the same for the other. Once a dragon finished harvesting on a blue life flower, double tap it again
  4. Repeat step 3 until the level is at least 2/3 full of life essences, then merge them all.
  5. Bring all Life Orbs and Combo Loot Orbs from step 4 to the right side of the level. Tap them all, the 9 dead lands from that side is expected be all healed after this step.
  6. (optional) Merge Ruby Plains Grasses if none of adjacent tiles (1 tile above/below/left/right) of the left Gaia Statue is healed.
  7. Merge the 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues, sometimes the statue on the left side is still on dead land and therefore is healed by moving the other 2 statues so that they're adjacent to it.

46 second walkthrough Edit

To complete this level in 46 seconds:

  1. Merge 5 crimson dragon eggs to get 2 whelps
  2. Have them constantly occupied by harvesting the blue flowers: as soon as the bar clears and the life essence appears, double tap the flower again to have the dragon throw the essence to an empty square instead of flying there and dropping it
  3. Repeat this until you have 15+ life essences which can then be merged into orbs powerful enough to heal the whole map
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