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Heart Jewelries are non-mergable objects which could be found at the St. Valentine's Day Event level, either on land or from Valentine's Chests. They could be harvested for Valentine's Treats. There are 4 different types of Heart Jewelries. They behaved identical to how Meteorites worked at the Magic Moon EventPumpkins at the Halloween Event, Gingerbreads at the Thanksgiving Event, Snow Objects at the Christmas Event and Japanese Statues at the Zen Dragon Event. A couple of Valentine's Gifts were available in the level, which acted similar to the dragon egg nests and could be tapped for 2-9 of level 1 variant (2 or 3 taps available, 1-3 Heart Charm(s) per tap).

Level Size Name Description Number of Harvests Harvest For
1 1x1 Heart Charm Harvest for some quick Valentine's Treats! 3 Lvl 1 Valentine's Treats
2 1x1 Golden Heart Harvest for some quick Valentine's Treats! 10 Lvl 2 Valentine's Treats
3 2x1 Gemmed Heart Harvest for some quick Valentine's Treats! 25 Lvl 3 Valentine's Treats
4 2x2 Locket of Love Woah! This is huge! Harvest for some quick Valentine's Treats! 50 Lvl 3 Valentine's Treats, Gemmed Heart
n/a 1x1 Valentine's Gifts Tap to scatter some Heart Charms! 2-3


1-3 Heart Charms per tap
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