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Hilltop 1 is a pretty straightforward level, as long as you don't merge any of the skulls until you achieve the relevant goal.


Walkthrough (Challenge version)[]

Takeaway from this walkthrough: Fruit Tree Seeds grow on their own after some time.

Before starting the level, take a look at the screenshot of the level. There are 6 Crimson Dragon Eggs, 3 Life Flowers. Those are the first few objects you need to merge immediately once the timer starts. Be sure to merge the eggs with the eggs in the dead land.

Always do this after you heal all Dead Land: Tap all floating Fruit Tree Leaves.

  1. Drag one Crimson Dragon Egg to the bottom middle of the level, merging with the 2 Crimson Dragon Eggs in the Dead Land.
  2. Drag the other 2 Crimson Dragon Eggs to the bottom left, merging with the Crimson Dragon Egg in Dead Land.
  3. Merge the 3 Life Flowers to create a second Blue Life Flower.
  4. Do not merge the Fruit Tree Seeds. Harvest from the 2 Blue Life Flowers, always trying to merging the Life Orbs in 5s and utilizing combos if you can until you get 2 Small Life Orbs. This is enough to heal all Dead Land. You can sell away the Blue Life Flowers if you want.
  5. Harvest all Skulls and destroy all Lifeless Rocks. Be sure to always tap all floating Fruit Tree Leaves. If you get any Treasure Chests or Magic Coins, you can collect them immediately.
  6. Note that by this time, you will have 5 minutes left if you are fast enough. You can now start merging, but only merge Fruit Tree Saplings and higher level Fruit Trees.
  7. Now, you need to wait for the Fruit Tree Seeds to grow on their own. (Thus the apparently long time limit). Keep merging the Fruit Tree Leaves as they blow past the level. You should be able to create 2 Fruit Trees with about 1 minute to spare.