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The Honey is a Merge Chain that was added to the game in Version 8.4.0 (25th of April 2022) together with the Honeyed Bundle.

The Chain can be started either by purchasing the Honeyed Bundle from the Camp shop with Dragon Gems, which contains level 4 Classic Honey Jar along with a Nectar Dragon Egg. Or by winning the same Classic Honey Jar as the second prize of the Sugar Pines Event and the Healing Crystals Event.

Some players also received a free Classic Honey Jar as a Spring Surprise when they first entered their Camp after the Sugar Pines Event started.

Honey of level 4 and above can be harvested for level 1 - 3 Honey, level 1 - 3 Life Flowers, level 1 - 3 Magic Coins and rarely level 1 - 3 Treasure Chests and Seeds of the Prism Flower.

Honey between level 6 and level 8 can be harvested by two Dragons at once. Honey of level 9 and level 10 can be harvested by three Dragons at once.

How to Gain[]

Level Size Rarity Name Description Level of Honey Harvested Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
1 1x1 Common Tiny Honeycomb The beginning of something special. n/a 1 n/a ?
2 1x1 Common Small Honeycomb The sweet aroma is irresistible. n/a 2 n/a 4
3 1x1 Common Large Honeycomb A rare delicacy! n/a 4 n/a 7
4 1x1 Uncommon Classic Honey Jar A favourite snack of a loveable bear. Harvest for Honey. 1 8 11 14
5 1x1 Uncommon Fancy Honey Jar A delicious treat! Harvest for Honey. 1 15 23 29
6 1x1 Uncommon Crystalized Honey Jar A scrumptious snack! Harvest for Honey. 1-2 30 30 54
7 1x1 Rare Simple Beehive A great source of Honey and other Loot! 1-2 50 60 108
8 1x1 Rare Magnificent Beehive An incredible source of Honey and other riches! 1-3 150 105 180
9 1x1 Epic Extravagant Beehive An amazing source of Honey and other treasures! 1-3 300 240 216
Wonder 2x2 Legendary Sanctuary of Bees The legendary home of bees. Wonder #16 of the Dragon World. 1-3 500 450 n/a