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Jester Dragons are an Event Dragon, Trophy type breed. After Update 3.18.0 a Nest may be bought in the Buy Menu. The starting price is 70 Dragon Gems, and it will increase up by 6 until the max price of 150 Dragon Gems.

When Noble Jester Dragons are merged, an additional Nest of Marsalis Dragons Eggs may be created in a Dimensional Jar with a cost of 475 Dragon Gems.

Level Rarity Name Dragon Power Stamina Worth
Nest Mythical Jester Dragon Egg Nest n/a n/a 25
Egg Mythical Jester Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
1 Epic Jester Dragon Whelp 3 4 20
2 Epic Jester Dragon Kid 12 6 50
3 Epic Jester Dragon 45 8 100
4 Legendary Noble Jester Dragon 150 10 250
Nest Mythical Marsalis Dragon Egg Nest n/a n/a 25
Egg Mythical Marsalis Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
7 Legendary Marsalis Dragon Whelp 495 12 500
8 Legendary Marsalis Dragon Kid 1575 14 1000
9 Legendary Marsalis Dragon 4800 17 2500
10 Mythical Magnificent Marsalis Dragon 15000 20 5000


  • Tier 2 of the Toadstool Dragons used to also be named Jester Dragons, before this new Event Dragon was introduced at the Carnival Event 2019. Now the tier 2 Toadstool Dragons are called Amanita Dragons.
  • Due to a bug, the Jester Dragons did not show up in the Dragon Book at first, this was fixed in a later version.