Coins you couldn't collect because your Storage was full.
~ Leftover Coins

Summary Edit

Leftover Coins is a type of non-merging object. It is created when you tap a Magic Coin or Magic Gem that will increase your current coins to be more than what your Magic Coin Storage could contain. The number above it shows how much coins you can gain when you tap it.

It will spawn on the nearest tile to the Magic Coins Bar. (?)

If your Magic Coin Storage is full, you will not be able to collect any Leftover Coins, or any Magic Coins or Magic Gems.

Leftover Stones are created in a similar fashion.

Tips Edit

If your Magic Coin Storage capacity is small, you can store large amounts of Coins in this form as a 1x1 object.

Important: Only tap leftover resources when you have at least three spaces left. If you tap a leftover resource with only 2 spaces left (i.e. when dragons will say "Need more space"), any amounts of resource unable to be held by your storage will be lost.

Trivia Edit

  • Leftover Coins with the same value also cannot be merged.
  • Due to a bug, selling items while your Magic Coin Storage is full will not let you gain any coins or Leftover coins.
  • The sprite of this object was changed to the current sprite in Version 2.4.0.
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