Summary[edit | edit source]

Life Flower Seed is a type of mergable Life Flower and has two types, floating and object.

Life Flower Seed (Floating) is an object that roams usually from west to east above the Camp and several levels, usually in groups of 3+. By tapping the seed, it will fall to the closest tile possible to the area where the player tapped it, and may create an additional Life Flower Seed (Object). It is possible to merge Life Flower Seeds (Floating), which yields a Life Flower Sprout which is dropped below the area of the merging. (Applies also to Dragon Tree Leaves)

Life Flower Seed (Object) is a type of Object. When merged, it creates up to 2 Life Flower Sprouts. If left alone, over time it will grow into a Life Flower Sprout by itself.

How to Gain[edit | edit source]

  • From time to time, groups of 3 or more Life Flower Seeds will float across the camp/level.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Details about old sprite during christmas event: The old sprite could hardly be seen on the event's white tiles, so it was changed.
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