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Life Orbs are found by harvesting Life Flowers, Prism Flowers, Dragon Trees or opening Chests. Life Orbs release Healing Power to restore Dead Land. Its Healing Power can also hurt Zomblins. When a Life Orb is tapped, the amount of damage it inflicts is equal to the Healing Power sent to a Zomblin.

The power of each Orb level follows the formula 4^(level), except for level 9, which works out to 4^9+65536.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Healing Power Sell For


Jar Cost


1x1 Common Life Essence Tap to heal dead land. 1 1 n/a
1 1x1 Common Tiny Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 4 1 n/a
2 1x1 Uncommon Small Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 16 2 n/a
3 1x1 Uncommon Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 64 4 n/a
4 1x1 Rare Furious Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 256 8 n/a
5 1x1 Rare Wondrous Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 1,024 15 n/a
6 1x1 Epic Great Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 4,096 30 8
7 1x1 Legendary Giant Life Orb Tap to heal dead land. 16,384 50 11
8 1x1 Legendary Life Orb of Souls Tap to heal dead land. 65,536 150 45
9 1x1 Mythical The Life Orb of Heavens Tap to heal dead land. 327,680 300 75
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The levels of Orbs in brackets share a pattern: (level 2&3), (level 4&5), (level 6&7) and (level 8&9).
  • It takes at least 4895 Life Essences to make a single level 9 Life Orb of Heavens, this is true if you make use of both merging 5 and 3 at a time.
  • Buying Dimensional Jars of Orbs seems to be efficient only for Giant Life Orbs, since 2 Jars of Life Orb of Souls would cost 90 Dragon Gems but 5 Jars of Giant Life Orb - only 55 Gems.
  • If there is no dead land or Zomblins or other hostile objects, the life energy from a life orb will be converted into points.
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