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Living Stones can be found as Level Rewards, bought from Kala's Shop (levels 2 to 8), harvested from Grass (any level, including the Wonder), from Dragon Chests (Rock Dragons variant) or from Gold Chests.

They can be harvested for Stone Bricks which are used to buy most buildings in the Buy Menu. Occasionally, other types of objects can be harvested from them, including Dragon Egg Chests/Dragon Nest Vaults (Rock Dragons variant), Fresh Stones (from level 2 and above) and Treasure Chests.

From level 5, two Dragons can harvest at the object at the same time and from level 8, three. However, the Stonehenge would allow only two to harvest it at the same time.

Merge Chain Table[]

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
1 1x1 Common Fresh Stones Harvest for Moss Covered Stone. 1 n/a n/a
2 1x1 Common Moss Covered Stone Harvest for a Stone Brick. 2 n/a 1
3 1x1 Common Living Stone Harvest for a Stone Brick. 4 n/a 2
4 1x1 Uncommon Large Moss Stone Harvest for a Stone Brick. 8 n/a 4
5 1x1 Uncommon Clover Stone Harvest for Stone Bricks. 15 5 6
6 1x1 Rare Basalt Rock Harvest for Stone Bricks. 30 11 13
7 1x1 Rare King's Seat Harvest for a Pile of Stone Bricks. 50 30 36
8 1x1 Epic Dino Rock Harvest for a Pile of Stone Bricks. 150 75 90
9 2x2 Epic Bluemoss Stoneguard Harvest for a Nightstone Brick. 300 165 198
10 2x2 Legendary Dragonmoss Steppes Harvest for a Nightstone Brick. 500 375 450
Wonder 3x3 Mythical Stonehenge Ancient Burial Site... it feels cold. Wonder #5 of the Dragon World. 1,000 300 n/a


  • All of the Stones alternate from light to dark.