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The Lobelia Topiaries are a rare Merge Chain that was first introduced in June 2021 together with the Event Portal Upgrade Beta feature.

Level 1 Cobalt Cottontail Topiary is rewarded for completing some high difficulty Upgrade Quests. Sometimes it's also offered in the Boutique Shop for 399 Dragon Gems.

The Lobelia Topiaries are a recolored version of the Mystic Topiaries, and as such share most of their attributes:

  1. The Merge Chain has 2 Wonders.
  2. All Topiaries spawn Dragon Trees Chain objects.
  3. All Topiaries can be initially tapped for one or more Dragon Eggs (a Nature Dragon Egg for the Cobalt Cottontail Topiary, and Premium Dragon Eggs for the rest of them).
  4. Both Wonders can be tapped for additional rewards of a single Premium Dragon Egg every 25 hours (Enchanted Horn Topiary) and 10 hours (Blushing Wyvern Topiary) actively spent in Camp.

Premium Dragon Eggs consist of the five following Dragon breeds:

The only significant difference is that Lobelia Topiaries don't provide additional Dragon Power.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Tap Reward Spawns Spawn Timer Worth


Jar Cost


1 1x1 Common Cobalt Cottontail Topiary Looks fluffy, also gives a Nature Egg! 1 Nature Dragon Egg Dragon Tree Leaf 20 min 100 n/a
2 1x1 Common Sweet Grizzly Topiary Sweet as honey, also gives a Premium Egg! 1 Premium Dragon Egg Dragon Tree Sapling 30 min 200 90
3 1x1 Uncommon Delphinium Dino Topiary Welcoming with tiny arms, also gives 2x Premium Eggs. 2 Premium Dragon Eggs Dragon Tree Sapling 15 min 300 225
4 1x1 Uncommon Winged Orchid Topiary Graceful and serene, also gives 3x Premium Eggs. 3 Premium Dragon Eggs Sprouting Dragon Tree 45 min 500 550
5 1x1 Rare Aquatic Indigo Topiary Proud and majestic, also gives 5x Premium Eggs. 5 Premium Dragon Eggs Sprouting Dragon Tree 30 min 750 n/a
6 1x1 Epic Celestial Fin Topiary Leaping towards the sky, also gives 10x Premium Eggs. 10 Premium Dragon Eggs Young Dragon Tree 1 hour 1,000 n/a
Wonder 1x1 Mythical Enchanted Horn Topiary Mystical and unique, also gives 20x Premium Eggs. 20 Premium Dragon Eggs Young Dragon Tree 45 min 2,000 n/a
Wonder 2x2 Mythical Blushing Wyvern Topiary Shy and loyal, also gives 40x Premium Eggs. 40 Premium Dragon Eggs Vermillion Dragon Tree 30 min 5,000 n/a