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Lucky Isles is full of Dead Land and Super Dead Land and has 4 possible Destroyed Gaia Statues, 3 within demon gates. The small island in the top corner is not visible when first viewing the level and contains grass dragon eggs and cloudy summits.

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reference:, written by J_CRISIS_J

Challenge Walkthrough Edit

Merge the grass dragon eggs. Merge the life flower sprouts and harvest for one life essence. Merge the life essence on the island with 5 life essences. Have dragons shoot the demon gate. Grab the egg off that island and merge it on the upper left island. Make it rain. Merge the rain puddle on the top middle island. You now have two destroyed Gaia statues.

Harvest the shrubs at lower right and merge 5 mushroom caps. Merge the shrubs and immediately tap and then harvest the budding shrub to get more mushroom caps. The goal is to get the lvl 3 magic shrooms to merge on the island in the top right.

After merging the magic shrooms on the top right island, heal land the demon gate is on (it only needs one life essence).

Shoot the demon gate and merge the three destroyed Gaia statues. 

Thanks to Glaucus atlanticus (moved this up from the comments)

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