Magic Mushrooms can be obtained as rewards, by tapping or harvesting Bushes, and from Dragon Chests harvested from Bushes.

They can be harvested for Magic Mushroom Caps, Dragon Egg Chests/Nest Vaults (Golem Dragon variant), Fungus Log and Treasure Chests.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth Jar Cost
1x1 Uncommon Magic Mushroom Caps Merge to grow Magic Mushrooms. 1 n/a
1 1x1 Uncommon Magic Shroom Cluster An odd growth. 1 n/a
2 1x1 Uncommon Magic Shroom Stalk No ordinary mushroom. 2 n/a
3 1x1 Uncommon Magic Shrooms An unknown species of shroom. 4 n/a
4 1x1 Uncommon Green Dream Shrooms Strangely attractive. Harvesting might give a Fungus Log! OMG! 8 n/a
5 1x1 Rare Blue Belly Shrooms Said to resemble the belly of a Blue Dragon. 15 n/a
6 1x1 Rare Glowflap Shrooms These glow when they're happy. (All the time!) 30 18
7 1x1 Epic Dragonfan Shrooms Used as seats by kings and queens. 50 24
8 2x2 Epic Alien Shrooms From a galaxy far, far away. 150 60
9 1x1 Legendary Fantasy Shrooms A city of sentient mushrooms. 300 150
Wonder 1x1 Legendary The Golden Mushroom Incredible! A shroom of pure gold. Wonder #9 of the Dragon World. 500 300


  • The Green Dream Shrooms and The Golden Mushroom share the same base.
  • The graphics for this chain were updated, these are the old designs;
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