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The Magnificent Artefacts are a Merge Chain introduced in Update 4.9.0 (19th of March 2020).

Level 1-3 Artefacts require Gems to upgrade. Level 4 Midnight Artefact is the only item in the Chain that can be merged.

Every 10 hours spent in the Camp The Last Relic Artefact can be tapped once for more of the same "Upgrade Rewards", meaning there is now a quicker way to complete the Autumn Trees Chain, and a way to obtain Prism Dragon Eggs.

How to Gain[]

Level Rarity Name Upgrade Rewards Harvest for Cooldown (minutes) Upgrade Cost (Gems) Worth (Coins)
1 Epic Soul Crescent Artefact Prism Dragon Egg x 2 Glowing Crumbs 2 45 50
2 Epic Elemental Artefact Prism Dragon Egg x 3 Glowing Crumbs 5 75 100
3 Legendary Surging Light Artefact Prism Dragon Birthling x 1 Glowing Crumbs ? 150 800
4 Legendary Midnight Artefact Spawns: Prism Dragon Birthling x 2

Tap for: Prism Dragon Egg x 1, Soul Crescent Artefact x 1, Twin Life Flower x 1, Opening Prism Flowers x 1, Life Orb x 1

Foxfire ? n/a (merge) 1,500
Wonder Mythical The Last Relic Artefact Spawns: Prism Dragon Kid x 1

Tap for: Prism Dragon Egg x 1, Brilliant Life Flower x 1, Young Autumn Tree x 1, Prism Flowers x 1, Furious Life Orb x 1

Foxfire 2:45 n/a 7,500

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Much like the Haunted Houses, leaving and re-entering the Camp will reset the timer and allow the Artefacts to be harvested again immediately.
  • Prism Dragon Eggs are spawned around the Artefacts. If nothing shows up, move the Artefact to areas with empty spots.