Challenge Walkthrough Edit

The main idea is to quickly heal all the needful on the top right island, since the Dead Land there requires only 10 healing power to come back to life.

  1. Merge the Life Flowers and both sets of Dragon Eggs.
  2. Burst as many orbs as you can on the island at the top right, focus on the Bushy Autumn Trees, Dragon Leafs, and Magic Shroom Caps
  3. Drag the items down to the bottom right island and merge with the dead ones.
  4. Let the dragons slowly harvest Tiny Life Orbs, while you are trying to heal the Mushroom Caps, Magic Mushroom Caps and Bushy Autumn Trees with the Life Orb provided and by moving and tapping the Prism Flowers you have.
  5. Then use a little bit of extra healing power harvested by your dragons if needed, and merge the healed items to heal the Destroyed Gaia Statues.
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