Welcome to the Merge Dragon Wiki!

Everyone is welcome to help us grow the wiki. Is it related to Merge Dragons! and you think it's important? Add it. You don't have to be a member to contribute (for now) but it's nice to know who you are, so please consider making an account.

There's a few guidelines we ask you to follow:

It's ok to

  • Create new pages related to the mobile game Merge Dragons! by Gram Games (please follow the format of existing pages)
  • Edit existing pages to add new info or correct typos or outdated information
  • Add interesting tidbits as Trivia to pages.
  • Add more pictures.
  • Discuss things with others on their walls, in the comments or use Discussion

It's not ok to

  • Remove other people's work or completely change their pages.
  • Add spam or edit pages to add false info.
  • Be rude to others.
  • Advertise how to get free gems (other than getting them through purple stars). This is a semi-official page.
  • Talk about exploits (semi-official page and all). If you find any, report them instead.

Please also keep personal opinions out of the actual wiki page. You can post that in the comments.

Blocking Rules

If you edit the Wiki purposefully with wrong information, you will be blocked immediately if you haven't registered. Registered users will receive one final warning.

Beta Stuff

Some players are randomly chosen for beta things, but those are not visible for everybody - so if you see something new in the game, try to find out if only you can see that and if it's possibly beta. If it is, and you would like to add it to a page, you're welcome to do so, but please make a separate section on the page for it called Beta.


Be aware that we're not a support platform here. If you need technical help, it's best to contact Gram Games directly at

Happy Merging