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This Event used to run once every two weeks. It first ran April 19th to April 22nd 2019. The last occurrence was from 18th October to 21st October 2019. As of November 2019 the Event is discontinued.

Unlike other Events, this Event is played in your Camp. This means that you aren't restricted to just two Dragons like most Events and you can sell Dimensional Jars and other things you make. However, it also means there isn't a big pool of items on Dead Land for you to unlock.

To score points in this Event, you merge items by 5s. Each 5-merge scores at least 5 points, though some higher level items score 6 to 9 points when merged. Merging 5 trophy Eggs/Dragons gives you 10-16 points depending on level (maybe more).

The Capsules seen in other Events are available in this one as well, including the free one every 3 hours. The free Capsules contain one or two items you can tap to turn into 5 points for the Event. These items are not mergeable.


You are best off farming Coins, Stone, Life Orbs, or items for Camp Quests - anything where you can quickly harvest and merge a bunch of items. If you are building up Life Flowers or Fruit Trees, the Moon Chest strategy works well - buy five Moon Chests for a total of 200 stone, merge them (which scores for the event), open the two merged chests, scatter items about, and merge the results in 5s as much as possible.



The Bronze Treasure Capsule can be got for free every 3 hours, otherwise it costs 8 Dragon Gems to open it (payment doesn't reset the timer). Inside the Capsule there're 1 or more piles of points, worth 5 points each, 1 Prism Dragon Egg (with probability) and a few small items such as Magic Coins.

Other capsules can be bought with Gems for similar items.

The Diamond Treasure Capsule, which costs 690 Dragon Gems, can contain 1 Nest of Prism Dragon Eggs or 5 Prism Dragon Birthlings as one of possible rewards. Both of two rewards can occur at once.



The Event offered 10 prizes, one for each tier of points accumulated. Every time sufficient points were achieved, the counter was reset for the next goal. The points could be obtained by merging by 5.

These are the prizes that the first Merge 5 Event offered:

Reward Number Name Description Required Points
1 Wood Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon from far away. 15
2 Zephyr Dragon Whelp - Level 1 Trophy Dragon Power: 3 65
3 Wood Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon from far away. 150
4 Nest of Wood Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 270
5 Nest of Zephyr Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 250
6 Bear Topiary - Level 2 Common 650
7 Glowing Midas Tree - Level 5 Epic 800
8 Butterfly Dragon - Level 3 Harvester Dragon Power: 18 925
9 Super Egg Merge 3 for something incredible... 1,250
10 Zephyr Dragon - Level 3 Trophy Dragon Power: 45 1,625
Total 6,000

The 6,000 point total is roughly equivalent merging by five 1,200 times if all things merged give you only 5 points.