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Meteorites are non-merging objects which could be found in the Magic Moon Event as well as Year's End Celebration Event, Dessert Night Event and Moon Juice Event, either on land, inside Magic Moon Chests or from tapping Event Quest Stars. They could be harvested for Magic Moon Fruits.

High level objects will turn into lower level items after harvesting, until they reach level 1. Moon Rock Piles can be tapped for Moon Rocks.

During the second occurrence of the Magic Moon Event (May 2018) the Meteorites' names were changed.

Level Size Name

(First Occurrence)


(Second Occurrence Onward)

Description Number of Harvests Harvest For
1 1x1 Small Meteorite Moon Rock Harvest for some quick Moon Fruits! 3 Tiny Moon Fruit
2 1x1 Medium Meteorite Blooming Moon Rock Harvest for some quick Moon Fruits! 10 Medium Moon Fruit
3 2x1 Large Meteorite Large Moon Rock Harvest for some quick Moon Fruits! 25 Uncommon Moon Fruit
4 2x2 Chunk of the Moon Legendary Moon Rock Whoa! This is huge! Harvest for some quick Moon Fruits. 50 Uncommon Moon Fruit, 3-5 Large Moon Rocks
n/a 1x1 Pile of Meteorites Moon Rock Pile Tap to scatter some Moon Rocks! 2-3 taps 1-3 Moon Rocks per tap


  • One of the 10 Event Quests is to harvest from level 3 Large Moon Rocks 75 times, requiring at least 3 of them to complete it. You can find a small amount of Large Rocks on the Event's map and harvest more from level 4 Legendary Moon Rock.