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Midas Trees can be merged from Golden Seeds, which occasionally spawn near Water. From level 2 onwards, they can be harvested for Golden Apples, and can also be tapped for them.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Tap Loot Harvest Loot Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
- 1x1 Rare Golden Seeds These seeds are said to be living gold... n/a n/a 15 n/a n/a
1 1x1 Rare

Sprouting Midas Tree

Budding with leaves of gold! n/a n/a 30 n/a 5
2 1x1 Epic Golden Sapling What secrets does this magical tree hold? Golden Apple Golden Apple 50 8 10/10 (or free)
3 1x1 Epic Golden Tree A captivating plant of living gold! Golden Apple Golden Apple 150 15 18
4 1x1 Epic Midas Tree Roots of a Midas Tree extend down to the core of the world. Golden Apple Golden Apple 200 27 32
5 1x1 Epic Glowing Midas Tree The roots absorb gold and crystal from the core of the planet. 2 Golden Apples Golden Apple 300 36 43
6 1x1 Epic The Orb Holder The tree draws crystal up through its roots and reconstitutes it. Giant Golden Apple Golden Apple 400 75 90
7 1x1 Epic The Crystal Catcher Midas Trees are the grandparents of Midas Drakes. Giant Golden Apple Giant Golden Apple 500 150 180
8 1x1 Legendary The Moon Bearer This crystal absorbs the light of the 3 moons and radiates happiness. Giant Golden Apple Giant Golden Apple 600 240 288
9 1x1 Legendary The Star Mother The crystal gives these trees the gift of immortality. Giant Golden Apple Giant Golden Apple 700 375 ?
10 1x1 Legendary Greater Midas Tree Myth tells of a continent that is entirely a great forest of Midas Trees. 2 Giant Golden Apples Giant Golden Apple 800 450 ?
11 1x2 Mythical Divine Midas Tree These crystals resonate with an energy that bring life to the world. Golden Apple of the Cosmos Giant Golden Apple 1,000 525 ?
Wonder 2x2 Epic Bearer of the World Crystal Wonder #15. This tree can commune with the World Crystal it protects. Differs; refer to the Wonder page Differs; refer to the Wonder page 1,500 600 n/a


  • Before their redesign, all three levels of the Midas Trees used a coloration of the Nice Fruit Tree in different sizes.
  • The text of the Wonder was changed; it now mentions that it is Wonder #15 as well.