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WOWOW! Tons of Event or rare Dragon Eggs! Tap to collect them!!!
~ Mystery Nest - Ultranest


Mystery Nest - Ultranest was an extra rare offer available only in Beta to a few randomly selected players. It contained rare Event Eggs and Nests. It also introduced Bunny Dragon Whelp Nests and Aventurine Mystery Nests/Eggs.

How to Gain[]

  • Could be bought in the Egg Shop for 1,599 Dragon Gems (discontinued).
  • Limited real life money offer (price varies).


2 types of Ultranests were represented in the Egg Shop during Beta test, varying in Gems cost and loot output:

  • One of them was mostly a copy-cat of the Meganest in terms of loot output.
  • Both of them were discontinued in Shop since summer 2020.