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The Mystic Topiaries are a rare Merge Chain that was introduced in Version 3.1.0. They increase Dragon Power in exchange for Dragon Gems. Bunny Topiaries can be purchased from the Buy Menu for 40 Dragon Gems, and Bear Topiaries can be found as Level Rewards for 99 Gems (Dread Marsh 3 is a Level that offers the Bear Topiary). Mystic Topiaries are the first Chain to have two Wonders.

All Topiaries spawn Dragon Trees Chain objects, and provide an initial tap for one or more Dragon Eggs. The Bunny Topiary provides a Nature Dragon Egg, while all the other Topiaries provide Premium Dragon Eggs when tapped. Both Wonders give additional rewards of a single Premium Dragon Egg every 25 hours (Lilac Unicorn Topiary) and 10 hours (Magnificent Dragon Topiary) actively spent in Camp.

Premium Dragon Eggs consist of the five following Dragon breeds:

Cost Calculations[]

The calculated numbers below are done under the assumption of 5-Merge Priority:

  1. To create 1 Lilac Unicorn Topiary, you will need 313 Bunny Topiaries which will cost 12,520 Dragon Gems.
  2. To create 1 Magnificent Dragon Topiary, you will need 783 Bunny Topiaries which will cost 31,320 Dragon Gems.
  3. To create 1 Lilac Unicorn Topiary and 1 Magnificent Dragon Topiary, you will need 988 Bunny Topiaries which will cost 39,520 Dragon Gems.
  4. To create 2 Magnificent Dragon Topiaries, you will need 1,300 Bunny Topiaries which will cost 52,000 Dragon Gems.
Level Size Rarity Name Tap Reward Dragon Power Spawns Spawn Timer Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
1 1x1 Common Bunny Topiary 1 Nature Dragon Egg +2 Dragon Tree Leaf 20 min 100 n/a 46
2 1x1 Common Bear Topiary 1 Premium Dragon Egg +7 Dragon Tree Sapling 30 min 200 90 108
3 1x1 Uncommon Rex Topiary 2 Premium Dragon Eggs +25 Dragon Tree Sapling 15 min 300 225 270
4 1x1 Uncommon Magnificient Rose Swan Topiary 3 Premium Dragon Eggs +85 Sprouting Dragon Tree 45 min 500 550 ?
5 1x1 Rare Seahorse Topiary 5 Premium Dragon Eggs +275 Sprouting Dragon Tree 30 min 750 n/a ?
6 1x1 Epic Dolphin Topiary 10 Premium Dragon Eggs +900 Young Dragon Tree 1 hour 1,000 n/a ?
Wonder 1x1 Mythical Lilac Unicorn Topiary 20 Premium Dragon Eggs +3,000 Young Dragon Tree 45 min 2,000 n/a n/a
Wonder 2x2 Mythical Magnificent Dragon Topiary 40 Premium Dragon Eggs +10,000 Vermillion Dragon Tree 30 min 5,000 n/a n/a