This is a straightforward level.


  1. Combo-merge the Life Flower Sprout with two others on dead land at the bottom and two Life Flowers.
  2. Combo-merge the Fruit Tree Sapling where the Life Flower Sprout started.
  3. Merge three Grass Dragon Eggs.
  4. Combo-merge the Small Fruit Tree with two others and two Fruit Trees to the right.
  5. Tap the Large Fruit Tree for a Raspberry.
  6. Combo-merge the Raspberry with two others and two Tiny Magic Coins at the bottom.
  7. Merge the Magic Coin - Bronze with two at the top, right of center. Acivate chained heal extenders.
  8. Merge the Grass Tuft with two on dead land at the left.
  9. Merge the Lawn Grass with two to the right.
  10. Harvest the Great Grass for a Fresh Stones.
  11. Merge the Fresh Stones with two at the right.
  12. Harvest the Moss Covered Stone for a Stone Brick.
  13. Use the Stone Brick to open some clouds on the top right.
  14. Burst the Loot Orb, then merge the Stone Brick with two others now revealed. Activate the heal extender.
  15. Use the Stone Bricks to open more clouds just below.
  16. Merge three Blue Life Flowers.
  17. Use the Glowing Life Flower to open some clouds at the left.
  18. Burst the loot orb, then merge the Moss Covered Stone with two others. Activate the heal extender.
  19. Use the Living Stone to open more clouds.
  20. Merge the three level 4 life orbs on the right.
  21. Activate the level 5 life orb. This will come within 80 points of healing all three statues and the Nice Treasure Chest which is hidden on a small island just below the rest of the map.
  22. Merge the three Small LIfe Orbs on the left and activate the result. Also activate the Combo Bubbles from earlier and any stray life essence yoiur dragon has harvested, which should be enough to finish healing the chest.
  23. Merge three Nice Treasure Chests to crate a Chained Treasure Cheat, and open it.
  24. Merge the statues to win.
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