This is a straightforward level.


  1. Merge the Emerald Plains Grass with the group at top right.
  2. Merge the three Life Flower Sprouts that result, then merge the Life Flower with the group at top left.
  3. Merge three Grass Dragon Eggs.
  4. Merge two Blue Life Flowers with the one on dead land at top middle. Activate the heal extender.
  5. Tap out the nest of Green Dragon Eggs and merge them, 5 at a time if possible.
  6. Harvest from the Glowing Life Flower and/or the Twin Life Flower until you have three Tiny Life Orbs.
  7. Merge three Tony Life Orbs, then merge the Small Life Orb with two on dead land in the middle.
  8. Merge three Seeds of the Prism Flower if one of them has not yet sprouted.
  9. Merge the Sprouting Prism Flower with three on dead land. This reaction produces an extra Sprouting Prism Flower (which you may have to go track down). Repeat this with two more groups of three Sprouting Prism Flowers on dead land.
  10. Merge three Prism Flower Buds.
  11. Use the Opening Prism Flowers to open some clouds at the left.
  12. Use the leftover Sprouting Prism Flower to open more clouds at the left.
  13. Harvest from the Opening Prism Flowers until you get a Dragon Tree Leaf.
  14. Use life essence or prism flowers to heal the Dragon Tree Leaf on dead land at the left.
  15. Merge the Dragon Tree Leaves with one on dead land on the right.
  16. Merge the Dragon Tree Sapling with four on dead land at the left.
  17. Merge one of the Sprouting Dragon Trees with four on the right.
  18. Merge three Young Dragon Trees.
  19. Use the Vermilion Dragon Tre to open some clouds on the right.
  20. The the last Sprouting Dragon Tree to open more clouds on the right.
  21. Merge the Vermillion Dragon Trees.
  22. Harvest from the Aged Dragon Trees until you have three Elderwood (and at least three times). Merge the three Elderwood.
  23. Use Life Essence to heal the two Unearthed Skeletons on the lower middle island.
  24. Merge all five Glowing Life Flowers, oncluding one on dead land at the left of the island the skeletons were on, placing the middle one last.
  25. Merge three Twin Life Flowers.
  26. Use the Brilliant Life Flower to unlock a small bit of clouds at the bottom middle.
  27. Merge the Stack of Elderwood with two others on dead land at the bottom middle.
  28. Activate the Wondrous Life Orb to heal the remaining dead land. Collect from thee chests, optionally merging some of them first.
  29. Merge the statues to win.
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