This is a straightforward level.


  1. Move both free Grass Dragon Eggs to the center to merge with the one on dead land. Activate the heal extender. Your dragon will immediately destroy the rocks at the left.
  2. Merge the Life Flower with two others immediately across the gap to the left.
  3. Merge 5 Blue Life Flowers at once.
  4. Merge three Glowing Life Flowers in the middle of the map. Activate a heal extender.
  5. Merge three Crimson Dragon Eggs. Activate two heal extenders.
  6. Your dragons should have harvested some Moss Covered Stones by now. Merge one with two on dead land on the right.
  7. Harvest from the Twin Life Flower until you can make a Small Life Orb.
  8. Deploy the small life orb at the lower left of the central area so it heals the petrified zomblin there.
  9. Merge three petrified zomblins and destroy the resulting zomblin.
  10. Merge to heal a Stone Brick at the far right and activate the heal extender.
  11. Merge three Fresh Graves at the top right. Activate the heal extender.
  12. If you did not already do so, use life orbs to heal the Grass Tuft at the bottom.
  13. Merge the Grass Tuft with two more at the left.
  14. Combo merge the Lawn Grass with the grasses at the right.
  15. Use Corwin's Tomb to unlock the clouds at the top.
  16. Make another Small Libe Orb and combo-merge it in the middle of the island that was under the cloud.
  17. Activate the life Orb to heal the remaining land. Note that there is an island a few spaces below the initially visible area with a treasure chest which will also be healed at this time.
  18. Merge the statues to win.
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