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Outskirts 5 used to be the first Secret Level in the game, not anymore. It is a Challenge Level and is nearly impossible without paying Dragon Gems to gain a minute.

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The gold trophy for this challenge is very hard. The timing of this challenge is extremely tight.

- Do not waste a single second. Have your dragons harvest life essences as you scatter bones and merge life flowers. As soon as your dragons finish their harvest, make them harvest immedietly

- Heal the land as fast as possible. You will need to have access to most, if not all the land to get the 9 blue life flowers

- Play risky. What do I mean by that is that you do not have that much time, so not that much time can be wasted on checking if you are doing a 5-merge or trying to plan for combos. The only thing that must be avoided by all costs is to merge the blue life flowers. Creating a glowing life flower is an instant loss.

Link to a commented video of someone doing it with 14 seconds to spare:

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This used to be the only Challenge Level aside from Silence of 2 that, after you have collected all of the 3 reward Dragons, it would turn into a normal level but when viewed from the World Map, it didn't show any Goal Stars.

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