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Owl Griffons are an Event Dragon, Trophy type breed. They were introduced in the Owlympus Event in May 2019.

These make up part of the Event Quest Special Rewards when all ten Event Quests are completed. This was a nest of Hatched Owlet Griffons for all players until the Thanksgiving Event 2019. During this Event, some players received a significantly reduced Event reward that introduced the Nest of Owlet Griffon Eggs instead of the Nest of Hatched Owlet Griffons.

A single Owl Griffon Egg is also occasionally obtained from in-camp Events.

Level Rarity Name Dragon Power Stamina Worth
Nest - Owlet Griffon Eggs n/a n/a
Nest - Hatched Owlet Griffons n/a n/a 25
Egg Legendary Owl Griffon Egg n/a n/a 1
1 Epic Owlet Griffon 3 5 20
2 Epic Owl Griffon Fledgling 12 6 50
3 Epic Owl Griffon 45 7 100
4 Legendary Adept Owl Griffon 150 8 250
Nest - Nest of Wisdom Owl Eggs n/a n/a -
Egg Mythical Wisdom Owl Egg n/a n/a 1
7 Legendary Wisdom Owlet 495 9 500
8 Legendary Wisdom Owl Fledging 1575 10 1000
9 Legendary Wisdom Owl 4800 12 2500
10 Mythical Master Wisdom Owl 15000 14 5000