Summary[edit | edit source]

Prism Dragons are an Event Dragon, Trophy type breed. They have been introduced during the Merge 5 Event. Prism Dragon Eggs/Nests/Birthlings could be obtained with probability from different types of Secret Capsules during the Event.

Since only the Bronze Treasure Capsule could be got for free every 3 hours, all other Capsules required Gems to open them and rewards weren't 100% guaranteed, it was relatively harder to obtain Prism Dragons than any other breed. This changed with Update 4.9.0 when Magnificent Artefacts were introduced.

When Grand Prism Dragons are merged, an additional Spectrum Dragon Egg Nest may be created in a Dimensional Jar with a cost of 450 Dragon Gems.

How to Gain[edit | edit source]

Level Rarity Name Dragon Power Stamina at Camp Worth (Coins)
Nest Legendary Nest of Prism Dragon Eggs n/a n/a 25
Egg Legendary Prism Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
1 Uncommon Prism Dragon Birthling 1 1 20
2 Rare Prism Dragon Kid 4 2 50
3 Rare Prism Dragon 18 3 100
4 Epic Grand Prism Dragon 60 4 250
Nest ? Nest of Spectrum Eggs n/a n/a 25
Egg Mythical Spectrum Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
7 Epic Spectrum Birthling 195 5 500
8 Legendary Spectrum Kid 650 6 1,000
9 Legendary Spectrum Dargon 2,080 8 2,500
10 Mythical Opulent Spectrum Dragon 6,500 10 5,000
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