Summary[edit | edit source]

Prism Rift 1 is a pretty straightforward level

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Merge 5 blue dragon portals at once.
  2. Merge 5 red dragon portals at once.
  3. Harvest some life essence, merge once, and heal some spaces with other Life Flowers so more of your dragons can participate.
  4. Kill Zomblins as they emerge. You need at least 4 of them.
  5. Heal the easily healed spaces close to the open area.
  6. Merge 5 Fresh Graves at once (including the one on super dead land at the bottom right).
  7. Merge Corwin's Tombs with one on super dead land.
  8. Use the high-level life orbs unlocked on the lower right to heal the other sections of the map.
  9. Killing Zomblins on this level tends to drop Sharp Dragon Eggs and Glowing Life Flowers. Merge the eggs in 5s (two times to satisfy the 8 dragons goal) and harvest from the flowers.
  10. The Goddesses will also help heal the land. When you can do so, merge all five Goddesses.
  11. Harvest more Life Orbs and heal the remaining land.
  12. Merge the statues.
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