To enter this Secret Level, click the image of sea serpents in the water to the left of Challenge 30/Craven Crypt 17.


  1. Merge the first two portals with the ones on dead land to summon two dragons. Activate the heal extenders.
  2. Let the dragons destroy the Zomblin Cave.
  3. Merge the petrified zomblins and kill the zomblin that results.
  4. Activate another heal extender which provides a level 3 Life Orb. Activate this off to the left a bit from where you found it, near the nest of eggs. Quickly go through the next few steps.
  5. Merge 5 Sprouting Dragon Trees.
  6. Merge 3 Life Essence to clear one out of the way in front of one of the rain puddles if necessary.
  7. Merge 5 Rain Puddles.
  8. Merge 5 Fledgling Puddles.
  9. Merge three Puddles to make a Water that will not evaporate.
  10. Tap the nest of eggs and merge the eggs.
  11. Merge 5 Young Dragon Trees.
  12. Keep merging items on dead land to work your way back through the level.
  13. When you reach the prism flowers (last four rows), use life orbs to heal the Opening Prism Flowers at far right. Move it diagonally below two other Opening Prism Flowers, and two spaces below a Prism Flower Buds, and heal the space immediately below the buds.
  14. Merge Sprouting Prism Flowers which have probably sprouted from the Seeds of the Prism Flower by now.
  15. Merge a Prism Flower Buds created in this way on the space between all the Prism Flowers arranged in step 13. This creates a combo and satisfies the goal to merge 5 Opening Prism Flowers at once.
  16. Merge all the dragon trees to make two Nice Dragon Trees, and merge this with the one on Super Dead Land at left. Activate the Heal Extender.
  17. Merge the three Cloudy Summits.
  18. Merge the Prism Flowers created in step 15 with the one on dead land, and merge the Blossoming Prism Flowers with the two on dead land in the next row.
  19. Merge the Water from step 9, the Water that started already created in that same area of the level, and one of the ones on super dead land at the top left. Activate the heal extender.
  20. Activate the Wondrous Life Orb to heal the rest of the land except for the super dead land with a Watering Hole.
  21. Merge items, use life orbs, open chests, etc. to clear some land around the Misty Mountain.
  22. Tap the Misty Mountain to make some clouds and tap them to make it rain.
  23. Merge Rain Puddles repeatedly and keep making more clouds and rain until you make two Waters.
  24. Merge these with the one freed by the heal extender in step 19.
  25. Merge three Watering Holes to satisfy the last goal.
  26. Merge the statues to win.
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