There is a small island hidden away far at the top of this level. You don't need to worry about it at the start, but be prepared to heal at least one space up there and take the Fledgling Puddle up there to merge once the main island is fully healed.


  1. Merge the five Emerald Plains Grasses at once.
  2. Tap three eggs from the nest of Grass Dragon Eggs and merge with the two on Dead Land. Tap for additional eggs and merge if possible.
  3. Harvest three Life Essences and merge with the two on Dead Land.
  4. Merge the Tiny Life Orbs with the one on Dead Land.
  5. Activate the Small Life Orb at the top where the isolated Grass Tuft is.
  6. Merge five Grass Tufts at once.
  7. Merge three Lawn Grasses.
  8. Harvest from the Great Grass three times.
  9. Merge the Fresh Stones into a Moss Covered Stone and harvest from it twice.
  10. Merge the Stone Bricks with the one at top left. Activate the heal extender.
  11. Use the Furious Life Orb to heal all the remaining land here and some of the land on the small island hidden away at the top.
  12. Merge the Fledgling Puddle from the main island with two on Super Dead Land on the small island and activate the heal extender.
  13. Merge the Tanzanite Plains Grass from the main island with two on the small island.
  14. Harvest and merge some more Life Essence and use it to heal the remaining land on the small island.
  15. Merge the statues to win.
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