This is a straightforward level that has to be unlocked from under clouds in stages.


  1. Tap the nest of Crimson Dragon Eggs and use one egg to unlock the first section of clouds.
  2. Finish tapping the nest and merge the eggs.
  3. Merge the Rock Dragon Egg with the ones on Super Dead Land.
  4. Merge the Grass Tufts in fives twice and merge the last 3 before they have a chance to turn into Necromancer Grass.
  5. Harvest from the Lawn Grass a few times and harvest from the Fresh Stones you get from this until you have three Moss Covered Stones.
  6. Merge the Moss Covered Stones to make a Living Stone and use it to unlock the clouds on the left.
  7. Merge 5 of each type of plains grass and merge the Life Flower Sprouts to make two Life Flowers. Harvest essence from them and use it to heal the lone Spotted Dragon Egg.
  8. Merge the Spotted Dragon Egg with the two on Super Dead Land.
  9. Heal the rest of the land exposed so far.
  10. Use the Golem Dragon Egg to unlock the clouds on the right.
  11. Merge the Golem Dragon Egg with two on Super Dead Land.
  12. Heal the rest of the land.
  13. Tap out both nests of eggs and merge into dragons.
  14. Merge the Lawn Grasses to make three Great Grasses.
  15. Merge the Great Grasses to make a Marsh Grass.
  16. Merge the Marsh Grasses to make a Tall Grass and use it to unlock the clouds at the top right.
  17. The dragons will immediately try to destroy the caves. Tap five of them to make Zomblins before they do, and destroy both the Zomblins and the caves.
  18. Merge bricks until you can make a Nightstone Brick and use to to unlock the last section of clouds at the right.
  19. Merge Fresh Graves to make Corwin's Tomb and use it to unlock the last section of clouds at the top.
  20. Merge the statues to win.
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