This is a straightforward level but one that is very cramped for space.


  1. Merge the Spotted Dragon Eggs.
  2. Harvest from the Blue Life Flowers twice and merge Life Essences with the one on Dead Land, then use the Tiny Life Orb to clear space next to the Super Dead Land with Life Essences.
  3. Harvest one more Life Essence and merge with the ones on Super Dead Land.
  4. Start harvesting from the brambles. When you have enough Bones to make a 5-way merge including the one on Super Dead Land, do so.
  5. Merge Life Flower Sprouts until you have three Life Flowers, then merge these, merge the Blue Life Flowers, and merge the Glowing Life Flower with two on Super Dead Land.
  6. Merge a Life Flower Sprout with the two on Super Dead Land.
  7. Harvest more life orbs and heal the land at the top.
  8. Harvest from the grasses to get Fresh Stones
  9. Merge two Fresh Stones with the one on Super Dead Land, and harvest from the others for Moss Covered Stones.
  10. Merge Moss Covered Stones until you have five Living Stones. Merge those for two Large Moss Stones.
  11. Merge the statues.
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