This is a straightforward but moderately long level.


  1. Merge the free Dragon Tree Seed at the top with the group of them at the left.
  2. Merge the free Bone at the bottom with the large group on Super Dead Land.
  3. Merge the three Sapphire Mystery Eggs.
  4. Harvest Life Essence and merge. Use it to heal the nest of dragon eggs just above where the many bones were, and tap it and merge the eggs.
  5. Zomblins will start appearing by this time. Kill them.
  6. Continue healing the land across the middle of the map. Once you have destroyed 5 Zomblins and have healed the land the caves are on, destroy them.
  7. Continue clearing land and merging Life Flowers, Stone Bricks, and Dragon Trees. Include enough of these on dead land in your merges to meet the goal for merging on dead land.
  8. Make a Vermillion Dragon Tree and harvest it for Elderwood. Merge five Elderwood into two stacks and merge the stacks with the one on Super Dead Land at the top.
  9. Merge the Gargoyle Dragon Eggs with the one on dead land at the top.
  10. Merge the three Mushroom Caps, merge the Spotted Shroom with the ones on Super Dead Land at the bottom, and merge the Hero Mushroom with the ones on Super Dead Land.
  11. Merge the Triple Shroom with ones on Super Dead Land at the top right, and activate the heal extender. Destroy the Demon Gate.
  12. Merge the two Carniverous Shrooms with one on Super Dead Land at the middle right. Then merge the Stalwart Shrooms and merge the Umbrella Shrooms.
  13. Continue merging dragon trees until you make three Vermillion Dragon Trees. Merge them and merge the resulting Nice Dragon Tree with two on Super Dead Land at the lower right. Activate the heal extenders and destroy the Demon Gate.
  14. Merge the Pod Fungus recently created and the one just freed with one on Super Dead Land at the top left.
  15. Merge the statues to win.
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