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Seasons are special, limited-time events that provide rewards such as chests, items, dragons and more. Certain rewards are available for free after completing the related quest, while others are only obtained after purchasing the Royal Pass. Seasons last 28 days.

NOTE: The Season feature is still in BETA and has NOT rolled out to all users yet! As such some information may be incorrect or vary slightly from what is listed here.

List of Seasons

  1. 3rd September - 1st October 2020 – Night Sky #1 (Royal Guardian Dragons)
  2. 7th October - 4th November 2020 – Equinox #1 (Autumn Dragons)
  3. 11th November - 9th December 2020 – Wild Hearts (Wild Gryphons)
  4. 16th December 2020 - 13th January 2021 – Wintertide (Prism Dragons)
  5. 20th January - 17th February 2021 – Night Sky #2 (Royal Guardian Dragons)
  6. 24th February - 24th March 2021 – Sunlight (Maple Moths)
  7. 31st March - 28th April 2021 – Equinox #2 (Autumn Dragons)

Season Event Quests

Season Event - November 2020 - WILD HEARTS
# Task to Perform Royal Pass FREE
1 Merge anything x80 Wild Gryphon Whelp Little Season Chest
2 Harvest anything x60 Wild Gryphon Egg Prism Flower Buds
3 Heal any land x40 Speed Boost Potion +5% Little Season Chest
4 Gain or create Stars x4 Wild Gryphon Egg Glowing Life Flower
5 Harvest from Life Flowers x75 Pile of Riches Little Season Chest
6 Merge Eggs or Dragons x5 Chalice Boost Potion +5% Moon Chest
7 Merge any Life Flowers x40 Chest of Stones Little Season Chest
8 Harvest anything x125 Season Decision Egg Tanzanite Mystery Egg
9 Heal any land x60 Wild Gryphon Egg x3 Little Season Chest
10 Merge Eggs or Dragons x7 Tanzanite Mystery Egg Occult Chest
11 Merge anything x112 Wild Gryphon Egg x3 BIG Season Chest
12 Merge any Life Flowers x58 Midas Duck Birthling Hill
13 Gain or create Stars x5 Sapphire Mystery Egg x3 Little Season Chest
14 Merge anything x147 Season Decision Egg Dangerous Chest
15 Merge Eggs or Dragons x11 Speed Boost Potion +5% BIG Season Chest
16 Heal any land x70 Wild Gryphon Egg x3 Twin Life Flower
17 Harvest from Life Flowers x125 Chalice Boost Potion +5% Little Season Chest
18 Gain or create Stars x10 Wild Gryphon Kid Tanzanite Mystery Egg
19 Merge any Life Flowers x75 Wood Dragon Whelp BIG Season Chest
20 Merge anything x255 Ruby Fire Mystery Egg x3 Pearlescent Chest
21 Heal any land x90 Speed Boost Potion +5% GREAT Season Chest
22 Merge Eggs or Dragons x13 Wild Gryphon Egg x3 Twin Life Flower
23 Merge anything x200 Chalice Boost Potion +5% BIG Season Chest
24 Merge any Life Flowers x90 Season Decision Egg Watering Hole
25 Gain or create Stars x8 Pile of Riches GREAT Season Chest
26 Merge anything x254 Wild Gryphon Egg x2 Brilliant Life Flower
27 Heal any land x110 Season Decision Egg x3 BIG Season Chest
28 Merge Eggs or Dragons x14 Wild Gryphon Egg x3 Cloverstone
29 Gain or create Stars x10 Nest of Wild Gryphon Eggs Tanzanite Mystery Egg x5
30 Merge any Life Flowers x95 Wild Gryphon x2 Magnificent Season Chest

NOTE: Exact numbers and quest order may change from Season to Season; numbers above are based on Night Sky.

Royal Pass

The Royal Pass is an optional purchase for USD9.99 (formerly 4.99) or your local equivalent. It can be purchased at any time during the Season and you will be able to belatedly collect rewards for quests you have already finished. Currently, the Royal Pass is the only way of receiving that Season's special dragons.

Royal Pass Bonuses

  • Royal Speed Boost Potion: +2%, up to a max of +8%
    • Increases dragon movement, harvest, build, and attack speeds by 2-8%
    • Increases dragon stamina by 2-8%
    • Decreases dragon wake-up time by 2-8%
  • Chalice Boost Potion: +5%, up to a max of +20%
    • Increases chalice refill speed by 5-20%
  • Resource Capacity: +20% Magic Coin and Stone Brick capacity
  • Removes wait timer between quests
  • Adds ability to skip quests for (initially) 120 gems; skip cost drops with quest progression

Max boosts are achieved by completing certain Season quests. All boosts are additive and will remain in effect until the end of the season.

NOTE: Please be aware that the included doubling of stone and gold storage lasts only until the end of the Season. There is no immediately visible countdown timer telling when the Season is about to end; the timer is only visible after tapping the Season icon. Any excess coins or stone in storage will be deleted if not spent before the Season ends.

Notes and Tips

  • Tapping on the Season icon once it notifies you that the current quest is complete allows you to move on to the next quest. This way multiple quests can be completed from within the same level (assuming there is no waiting period between quests).
  • Season chest designs remain the same across Seasons, and chests from the current Season can be merged with those from a previous Season. Chests mostly contain prism flowers, mushrooms, life flowers, and the like.
    • Season chests do not contain dragon eggs.
  • Actions performed after a level is marked complete do not count. This includes stars hitting the map after level goal is achieved!
  • The Season Decision egg provides a choice between three different types of Trophy dragon eggs, e.g. Owl/Deer/Super egg, Sun/Fire/Nature egg, etc. If you are unhappy with your three options, you can close the decision window by tapping somewhere outside of it and wait for the options to refresh after a day.
  • Without the Royal Pass there will be a waiting period after every other quest (and possibly after every quest) limiting you to either one or two quests per day.
  • Unbubbling stars you bubbled yourself does not count as creation, but merging stars or unbubbling stars received from the Daily Chest do count.
  • Merging the three Goal Stars in a level gives credit for a fourth one. Dragon Stars do not count towards stars earned until they are tapped out and turn into Fallen Stars.
  • Each merge advances the quest counter by one; whether it is a 3-, 5-, or 27-merge, it counts as one merge for the quest.
  • Some great levels to complete "Heal Land" quests are:
    • Open Lands has 80 dead spaces and costs 1 Chalice. All three goal stars can be obtained without having to complete the level. Open Lands also has many Life Flowers and Brambles: it is possible to complete about 50 merges of Life Flowers in around 7 minutes.
    • Fear Isle 4 has 53 dead spaces, costs 1 Chalice and can be done in under a minute.
  • For "Merge Eggs" and "Merge Dragons" quests, The Crescent (secret level, between Hilltop 1 and 2) is recommended.
  • For the "Merge Life Flowers" quests, only Life Flowers up to level 7 count. Life Trees (level 8 and up) will not count towards the quest.
  • For "Gain or Create Stars" quests, Skull Grove can give you up to four stars (with merging) in under a minute.
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