Summary Edit

Shroomia 5 ("Shroomia Strikes Back") is a pretty straightforward level.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Carefully merge Grass Tufts in 5s twice.
  2. Merge 5 Spotted Shrooms and then 3 others.
  3. Merge the Hero Mushrooms.
  4. Merge Grass Dragon Eggs and Toadstool Dragon Eggs.
  5. Harvest from the Lawn Grass 3 times.
  6. Merge a Fresh Stones with two on super dead land, three times.
  7. Merge Moss Covered Stones.
  8. Merge the Living Stone with 2 on super dead land. Activate a heal extender.
  9. Merge three of the Lawn Grass.
  10. Merge the Great Grass with two others (one still on super dead land). Activate the heal extender.
  11. Merge the last of the initial four Lawn Grasses with two others (one still on super dead land).
  12. Harvest from the Large Moss Stone and/or other living stones until you have four Stone Bricks. Merge these with two on dead land, then merge the results with another on dead land.
  13. Harvest some Life Essence from the Blue Life Flowers. Use it to heal the remaining land.
  14. Merge the Triple Shroom created at the beginning with the two others now available.
  15. Merge the statues to win.
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