Summary Edit

Silent Bay 2 used to be a Secret Level in the game, not anymore. It is a Challenge Level.

Walkthrough Edit

This challenge level doesn't exactly have a specific way to complete it, but here is a way that can help you.

  1. drag the Dragon Portal at the very top-right of the map (not on the big island) between the other 4 on the main island.
  2. Tap the two unearthed Skeletons.
  3. You should now have 6 Bones, have your Dragons harvest from them.
  4. So now you should have 6 Life Flower Sprouts, Merge 5 of them to create 2 Life Flowers.
  5. Have the two Dragons you got from the Dragon Portals, Harvest the two Life Flowers.
  6. keep merging the healing power by fives until you have a Life Orb (object)
  7. Tap the life orb. It should heal all the land.
  8. Merge and/or tap the treasure chests.
  9. Tap the banana trees for some bananas.
  10. Merge the bananas hoping for some life flowers to spawn. (it can happen)
  11. If they didn't, accept the hassle and move on to the next step.
  12. Merge the three sharp dragon eggs.
  13. If you have some high level dragons in the level,continue to the next step, if not, skip to step 16.
  14. Merge the petrified rotten zomblins by threes. (by the way, you can destroy the caves while you're at it)
  15. Have your best dragons attack them while the other dragon harvests from the brambles.
  16. Now you should have a little more free space and hopefully you got some life flowers from killing the zomblins.
  17. Tap a couple unearthed skeletons.
  18. Have two dragons harvest from the brambles while the other one harvests from the bones that you got from tapping the unearthed skeletons.
  19. Keep harvesting the brambles and the bones.
  20. And while doing so, merge the life flower sprouts by fives until...
  21. Complete the level.

(If you got high level dragons, and you are quick, you can complete the final win of it) Yes I did it with this method.

Extra tips Edit

  • Please note that you should put some life flowers on the little 1-tile spots to avoid accidentally merging them.

Trivia Edit

  • This used to be the only Challenge Level aside from Outskirts 5 that, after you have collected all of the 3 reward Dragons, it would turn into a normal level but when viewed from the World Map, it didn't show any Goal Stars.
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