Summary Edit

Silent Bay 3 is a mildly difficult level in that the first goal star can be tricky to achieve. Dragons like to harvest bones for Life Flower Sprouts and will do so at the earliest opportunity. In this level, bones are a non-renewable resource. Care is required to conserve them.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Merge the three Grass Dragon Eggs.
  2. Keep the dragon busy harvesting Life Essence from the Blue Life Flower, so it doesn't harvest any bones.
  3. Use Life Essence to heal enough of the nearby land to merge 5 bones at once to complete a goal.
  4. Merge the Life Flower Sprouts this creates to get them out of your way.
  5. Keep harvesting Life Essence and use it to heal two of the Glowing Life Flowers and merge them with the one on super dead land at the bottom. Activate the heal extenders.
  6. Tap the nest of eggs and merge eggs,
  7. Keep harvesting Life Essence and/or Life Orbs and use them to heal more land.
  8. When possible, merge three Blue Life Flowers, then merge two Glowing Life Flowers with the one on super dead land at the top and activate the heal extenders.
  9. If you got fewer than 5 eggs from the nest, merge the three dragon portals to complete the have 3 dragons goal.
  10. Merge the statues to win.
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